Getting another dog

We already have one dog, but we're getting another. They don't like each other. Now what?


In most situations, this problem can be fixed. There can be several reasons for dogs not liking

one another, and most of these reasons can be resolved easily. If this is a long-standing problem,

it may take longer to achieve the same results, because it has already become a habit, rather

than a one-time occurrence.

Rescue Dogs

 "I have a rescue dog who was abused. She whimpers whenever I correct her. Can I still train her?"

I used to live with 3 rescue dogs of my own, at least one of which was mistreated. If she's whimpering when you correct her, then you're correcting her too harshly. A correction should be enough to get her attention back on you, not something to inflict harm on her. You can definitely still train her, but it may take a little while because we'll have to build up her confidence. On the other hand, the added positive attention she'll be getting from the training may be all she needs to really wow you with what she can do.