From AAA K-9 Clients


We had been trying for over a year to get our chocolate lab, Toby, to go up or downstairs. We were getting nowhere! I found AAA-K9 through a web search. In 3 short visits Adam had our dog going up and down all 3 stairways in our house! We were very pleased. Adam was very pleasant, professional, and treated Toby like one of his own. Thanks for all your help! 

Lisa H. and family
Golf Manor


One day my brother-in-law happened to stop over to our house. Sparky was constantly staring at my brother- in-law as he walked around the house and was a little confused on what he was doing. All of a sudden Sparky jumped off the couch ran over to him and bit him very hard on his leg, so hard we had to pull him away to get him off. Needless to say, we did panic. We thought maybe it was a one time thing but when we took him to our vet, he almost bit the vet on the hand while he was trying to check him over. We knew we had a serious problem on our hands. 

The vet recommended that we call Adam, and that if anyone was going to be able to help fix the aggression issues it would be him. So Adam came out to our house for an in home consultation. Sparky would have taken Adam’s head off if we hadn’t have had him on a leash. Adam offered to do what is called a board and train. Meaning Sparky would have to go live with Adam for 2 weeks so he could have constant help. We felt like this was our last chance for keeping Sparky, so we sent him away. It was very hard letting him go, in fact I called Adam every day and he was always willing to update me and answer any questions. 

After 2 weeks we picked up Sparky and got to watch a video of his progress with Adam. We were amazed. It was like seeing a different dog, he was able to have people over to his house without Sparky going crazy and attacking them. Sparky now loves Adam and he will let Adam do anything he wants with him. We have noticed a considerable difference with Sparky at home as well. My husband and I feel like we owe Adam more than we could even begin to say.

Beth N.


We are amazed at the difference in our high energy, 85 lb., 7 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. His jumping has improved tremendously! Also, he has mastered several of his commands and is improving daily. We are impressed with Adam's teaching style and in awe of the change in "Nitschke." Thanks!

John and Maureen S.


I volunteer for HART Animal Rescue and we got a call that 7 puppies were in dire need of emergency foster homes. This litter had a fungus all over them which we were not sure of what it was and they were very unsocial and scared. We decided to take Sammy because at the time he was urinating blood. We immediately rushed him to a dog hospital to care for his urinary infection and tested for ring worm. We had to wait 2 weeks for the results of the fungus. Sammy was very scared of everything and everyone. He shivered constantly. He only slept in his crate or behind a big chair. He would always have his tail (the short stubby tail he had left) tucked between his little legs. He would never allow to get near him let alone hold him or give us licks. We couldn't help becoming attached to him so we decided that we needed to do something now and fast. 

I heard of Adam through our rescue organization, I called Adam and of course Sammy was extremely afraid of him. Well... that was 5 months ago. Adam assessed the situation, recommend what the best training for him would be and we hired him that same day! Today, Sammy is a thriving 8-month-old puppy. He sits next to us, give us big kisses and ...most importantly, he wags his tail and is not afraid of people coming into our home. He is also very much ok with other people trimming his toe nails, etc. He is comfortable taking walks. 

I highly recommend Adam as a trainer for your dog. He is a very knowledgeable and a fantastic trainer. You can call him any time of day or night with questions. We also have him training our other dog Gracie (3 yrs old). She now listens so much better -- he has made a world of difference in the quality of life for my doggies!

Cosy and David D.
Sammy, Gracie, Nikkie, Brooke, and Molly
Hamilton, OH

Abby is a 15 month old Lab. Before Adam and AAA K-9 came to our aid, we had the wildest dog you have ever seen. She was into everything. After our first lesson and Adam left for the first time, we had control of our dog. It's taken hard work on our part, but with Adam's help it has been really good. Now she is doing all the commands that she has been taught. The is the best money I have ever spent and have told many people about AAA K-9. Thanks to Adam I now have a sweet dog. We highly recommend AAA K-9 to anyone who wants their 4-legged family member to have very good manners.

Bev D. and Lori P.


My mom and brother and I have 4 dogs. We thought the oldest would be the hardest to train, but he's been doing great. Doc is pretty stubborn, but Adam just said that meant he was smart. Sure enough, he's learning the tricks faster than any of the other dogs. I walk my neighbor's dogs, and they're learning to heel too because I know how to show them what to do.

Joseph R., age 13
St. Bernard


My beagle was found wandering next to a highway. She had been pretty badly abused and is afraid of everything. Sometimes she won't go for walks if the wind is blowing or there are garbage cans set out on the curb. When she does go for a walk with us, all she wants to do is smell everything instead of walking. It was a real pain to take her for a walk, and she's gained a lot of weight. Now she's learning to heel so she gets some exercise -- and she's getting confidence, too!

Beth T.
Cincinnati, OH



We had our dog Marley for 16 years and never did any formal training with him. When we got our new puppies, Ziggy and Kenyon, we decided to start training with Adam immediately. The difference between Marley and Ziggy and Kenyon is remarkable.

Although Marley was a very good dog, he did not know many commands and his behavior was very incosistent. When Adam told us about some of the commands they would learn -- especially place -- I was skeptical. The one-on-one attention he has given them, as well as teaching us how to work with the dogs, has been amazing.

Everyone who has met Ziggy and Kenyon has commented on how well behaved they are. Kenyon was a stray golden retriever mix who was very timid initially and has built up his confidence with each session. Ziggy is a typical lab pup who loves to play and by using the commands we have learned to make him much easier to control.

Teaching them to heel properly makes their daily walks a pleasure. I thought trying to walk to big dogs would be challenging, but they are easier to handle than Marley because they listen so well. I would definitely recommend Adam and AAA K-9 to anyone who would like to make their relationship with their dog more enjoyable.

Chris and Tom C.
Symmes Twp. 


I would like to thank Adam and AAA K-9 for the wonderful job Adam is doing with my dog Sugar. Sugar is a 1 year old Boston Terrier. I had been able to get her to sit and down reluctantly, for a year. I noticed she also had some aggression problems. In 1 week Sugar was doing work I never dreamed she would ever do. In one week Adam had shown me how to get her to heel, sit, down, place, spread 'em and bang almost perfectly. She is now after her second lesson doing spin and rollover. I thought this would be a tough job for anyone, but apparently Adam knows his job and is fantastic at it. Sugar just absolutely loves him and now she is behaving better and likes doing her job. Being an obedient dog. Thank you Adam and AAA K-9 for a great job.

Karen T.
Cincinnati, OH