Adam Cail
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Spread 'em! Cooper's Story

Hi! I'm Adam, and this is Cooper. Cooper was found as a stray when he was about 3 months old. He suffered, like many rescue dogs, from a lack of confidence. Around the house, he was pretty good. But once we tried to go for a walk, he would pull at the end of a leash. Most of the time he liked to meet new people, but sometimes he would bark at them, or even show his teeth. The only thing I could depend on him to do when meeting someone new was to pee. Not a lot, but enough that I'd have to warn people to watch their feet when they'd pet him. One veterinarian told me it was a "puppy thing" and he'd "grow out of it." 2 years later, he still hadn't. Another said that "some dogs are just like that," implying he'd never get past it. Turns out, he was wrong too. We started a training program, and I saw a difference immediately. Within just a few weeks, it was incredible. He has the same personality, only now he lets everyone see it. And the best part -- no more peeing.

From the Trainer

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Cooper was displaying what is commonly called a "submissive pee." Young puppies will often do this when a dominant dog asserts himself. Problem was, Cooper wasn't a puppy anymore. Cooper just didn't have much confidence in himself. Training can eliminate low confidence and other problem behaviors such as aggression, barking, biting, chewing, digging, getting into the trash, house-soiling, jumping, not listening, pulling on the end of the leash, running away, and many others.

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